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Camping in Alberta

If you want to go camping in Alberta, you've got lots of choice. Campgrounds in Alberta range from full service RV parks to very primitive facilities, including lots of opportunity for back country wilderness camping. Suitable accommodations are available for everything from the smallest tent to the largest fully equipped recreational vehicle.

Alberta is a big province with much to experience. You can camp among the mountains or hills, on the prairies, in the boreal forest, in the badlands and, of course, in towns and cities.

Most campgrounds are open from mid-May to early October. A few campgrounds are open year round but if you plan to go camping outside the main season, be sure to confirm availability.

Public sponsored campgrounds include a few dozen in the national parks and hundreds of campgrounds in the Alberta Parks system. Alberta also offers a lot of campgrounds sponsored by municipal governments (cities, towns, villages, counties). These municipal campgrounds can offer a full range of facilities or they can be very basic (and very inexpensive). There is also a wide range of privately operated campgrounds and RV parks.

There are 704 campground and RV park listings for Alberta. 453 have been visited by CampScout.

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