Alaska Campgrounds and RV Parks

Camping in Alaska

If you are planning to go camping in Alaska you will find a wide range of choices. Privately operated commercial campgrounds and RV parks are strategically located throughout the highway system. The Alaska State Park system provides dozens of well maintained campgrounds, giving you access to prime locations for fishing, hunting and other outdoor recreation. Many more campgrounds are operated by the BLM, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife, Army Corps of Engineers, and US Forest Service. Some of the towns in Alaska also operate campgrounds and RV parks. Whether you are tent camping or travelling in a luxurious RV you will find what you need.

Alaska is huge. Throw together the three next biggest states, Texas, California and Montana then add in Nebraska and you still have room for Connecticut. Or from a Canadian perspective -- it's bigger than Quebec. Only a portion of Alaska is accessible by roads, but that portion is still vast and diverse with enormous tracts of forest, huge mountains, ocean fjords and wild rivers and lakes. Wherever the road system takes you, this wild terrain is well supplied with campgrounds and RV parks.

There are 211 campground and RV park listings for Alaska. 160 have been visited by CampScout.

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