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Camping in California

California is a dream come true for anyone who loves to go camping or RVing. A full range of camping styles are accommodated, from very upscale full service RV park camping to very primitive hike in eco camping in tents.

Campgrounds and RV parks in California are operated by a wide assortment of organizations. Private commercial operators offer some of the most luxurious RV parks and resorts, as well as a wide array of more modest facilities. Hundreds of campgrounds are provided by California State Parks. Many California counties maintain regional parks with very attractive campground facilities and recreational opportunities. On top of this there are hundreds of more primitive campgrounds provided and maintained by the National Forest Service. And still there is more -- the National Park Service, the BLM, Army Corps of Engineers -- many campgrounds to choose from.

California is a very large state, encompassing a great range of terrain and climate. Your campground might be on a sandy Pacific Ocean beach or high on a mountainside overlooking a pristine lake. You can camp in a tent in a desert (even a very serious desert like the one in Death Valley) or you can park your RV in a coastal rain forest among the giant redwoods. Your RV park could be miles from nowhere in the wilderness or it might be in a metropolitan area within a short drive of Disneyland.

Many campgrounds are open year round. The further south you go, the more likely this will be the case. But year round campgrounds can be found even where the climate is more wintery.

There are 1342 campground and RV park listings for California. 314 have been visited by CampScout.

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