Grande Prairie, Alberta Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Grande Prairie Rotary Park
  2. Bear Creek Golf Club & RV Park
  3. Country Roads RV Park
  4. Bear Creek Wee Links Golf and Campground
  5. Camp Tamarack RV Park
  6. Evergreen Park Campground
  7. Wilderness RV Park
  8. Sexsmith Heritage Park
  9. Legion Park Campground
  10. Saskatoon Island Provincial Park
  11. Pipestone Creek Park
  12. Kleskun Hill
  13. La Glace Campground
  14. NARDAM Lake Campground
  15. Chepi Sepe Municipal Campground
  16. Valhalla Centre Campground
  17. Beaverlodge Pioneer Campground
  18. Simonette River Provincial Recreation Area
  19. Musreau Lake Provincial Park
  20. Hommy Park

Grande Prairie, Alberta

There is a wide variety of campgrounds and RV parks in and around Grande Prairie. The surrounding area holds lots of opportunity for outdoor activities. If Grande Praire is your destination, camping is a good option.

The French name Grande Prairie was given to this area because of the large tracts of prairie country which lie to the east, west and north of it. Settled by the Beaver First Nation who traded with the North West Company, the town site was later taken over by the Hudson's Bay Company, later settled by Iroquois and Cree, then by an influx of people from the land rush. Further settlement followed the arrival of the railway. Historical colour mixed with the signs of modern living now characterize this city of about 50,000. Wheat and stock farming are still strong components of the economic scene with oil and gas, forestry and food services also contributing to the wealth of the area.

Camping in Alberta

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