Fort Assiniboine, Alberta Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Freeman River RV Park
  2. Horse Creek Ranch Campground
  3. Thunder Lake Provincial Park
  4. Goose Lake Campground
  5. Trapper Lea's Campground
  6. Barrhead Rotary Park
  7. Freeman River Rec Area
  8. Sangudo Riverside Campground
  9. Mayerthorpe Golf and Country Club Campground
  10. Ol' Pembina River Ferry Crossing RV Park
  11. Paddle River Dam Campground
  12. Elks Beach Campground
  13. Kildeer Beach Resort
  14. Chrystina Lake Prov. Rec. Area
  15. Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park
  16. Four Seasons Wilderness Campground
  17. Lessard Lake Campground
  18. Mountie Park Campground
  19. Whitecourt Lions Club Campground
  20. Freeman Lake Rec Area

Fort Assiniboine, Alberta

There are a couple of RV Park/campgrounds near Fort Assiniboine. More campgrounds are available in the surrounding area where outdoor recreational opportunities abound.

This hamlet is the second-oldest trading post site in Alberta, in its day the northernmost terminus in the Hudson's Bay Company's network and linked the Athabasca and North Saskatchewan Rivers. Fort Assiniboine is part of Woodlands County and lends its name to the Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland Park which is host to more than 453 plant species, mule and white-tailed deer, moose, beaver, mink and otter, and sandhill cranes and pileated woodpeckers among the bird species. The trails can be enjoyed by hikers, dirt bikers and quadders.

Camping in Alberta

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