Rimbey, Alberta Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Rimbey Lions Nesting Place Campground
  2. Sunset Legion Campground
  3. Gilby Hall & Campground
  4. Town of Bentley Campground
  5. DeGraff's Eco-Camp Camp Resort Gull Lake
  6. Aspen Beach - Lakeview Campground
  7. Aspen Beach Provincial Park - Brewers Campground
  8. Summerland Leisure Park
  9. Pelican Point Park
  10. Mound Red Park
  11. Eckville Lions Campground
  12. Open Creek Park
  13. Jarvis Bay Prov Park
  14. Twin Lakes Park
  15. Medicine Lake Provincial Recreation Area
  16. Battle Lake Park
  17. Black Bull Golf Resort
  18. Winfield Lions Pioneer Park
  19. Michener Park
  20. Wapiti Lodge and Campground

Rimbey, Alberta

There is a campground in Rimby and a few on the shores of nearby Gull Lake.

The town of Rimbey occupies the site first settled in 1901 by about 200 former residents of Kansas who travelled in a company to the northeast ridge of the Blindman River Valley. The area was first known as Kansas Ridge but by 1904, the presence of the 3 Rimbey brothers from Illinois caused the change of name. And since then the population has swelled 10-fold and beyond.

The beautifully-restored Beatty House is a triumph for the Beatty Historic House Society created in 1991. The project obtained funds from the Alberta government and time and attention came from troops of volunteers from the town. Retired craftsmen trained younger workers in the old ways of house-building, including plaster lath and stone work. Where possible, fittings from the original home of Jack and Viola Beatty were incorporated. Where necessary, ideas for upgrading were drawn from archive photographs of the original home.

Rimbey has a stable economy based mainly on farming with fast-growing contributions from the oil and gas sector.

  • Rimbey Rodeo Weekend, mid-June each year
  • Classic Embroidery Demolition Derby, end of August
  • Christmas Farmers' Market, 3 Saturdays before Christmas
  • Paskapoo Park has an historical village, displays, a truck museum and lawns
  • Beatty House, an historical building, open for tours or special events

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