Edson, Alberta Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Whitehorse Creek Provincial Recreation Area
  2. Graveyard Lake
  3. Cache Lake Campground
  4. Brown Creek Provincial Rec. Area
  5. Gregg Lake Campground
  6. Smoke Lake Rec. Area
  7. Mayerthorpe Golf and Country Club Campground
  8. Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park
  9. Fox Creek RV Campground
  10. Pembina River Provincial Park
  11. Entwistle RV Campground
  12. Wildhorse Lake Provincial Recreation Area
  13. Jasper Gates Resort & RV
  14. Paddle River Dam Campground
  15. Louie Lake Ltd.
  16. Iosegun Lake Recreation Area
  17. Pih-To-Kwe
  18. Drayton Valley RV Park/Campground
  19. Ol' Pembina River Ferry Crossing RV Park
  20. Sangudo Riverside Campground

Edson, Alberta

There are two campgrounds and RV parks within Edson and a few more within a short drive.

Located in Yellowhead County, along the Yellowhead Highway (highway 16), Edson rapidly grew in size and significance as the railway was built through this area towards the west coast. The town name also honours an early vice president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Edson J. Chamberlain. Its major economic activity centres around resources, such as coal, natural gas, lumber and building products. Scenery surrounding the town is dominated by coniferous forests which benefit from the higher than average rainfall. An abundance of fishing lakes and rivers also benefits. These lakes, for the most part, have naturally renewed stocks, sometimes supplemented by hatchery-bred trout.

Camping in Alberta

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