Waterton, Alberta Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Waterton Townsite Campground
  2. Crandell Mountain Campground
  3. Crooked Creek Campground
  4. Belly River
  5. Payne Lake Provincial Rec. Area
  6. Bowman Lake Campground
  7. Many Glacier
  8. Police Outpost Provincial Park
  9. Kintla Lake Campground
  10. Waterton Reservoir Provincial Recreation Area
  11. Chief Mountain Junction
  12. Great Canadian Barn Dance and Campground
  13. Proctor Lake Campground
  14. Sage Creek Campground
  15. Avalanche National Park
  16. Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
  17. Quartz Creek Campground
  18. Chewing Blackbones RV Park and Campground
  19. Butts Campground
  20. Logging Creek Campground

Waterton, Alberta

There is a campground right in the Waterton townsite. It is between the lake and a large waterfall. Doesn't get more scenic than this. Reservations recommended.

The town of Waterton is not far from the entrance to Waterton Lakes National Park. Most of its services are designed with the park-goer in mind. The famous Rocky Mountains and the equally-famous western prairies, with their unique landforms and life forms, merge here. The Prince of Wales hotel dominates the landscape at the north entrance to town, anchored firmly to the ground in defiance of the strong winds that blow around it. You can enjoy a stroll on the shores of Upper Waterton Lake to the east or hike up to the town waterfall, Cameron Falls. Beauty surrounds you everywhere you look.

  • Waterton Lakes National Park
  • Cameron Falls
  • Upper Waterton Lake shore
  • Prince of Wales hotel

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