Leduc, Alberta Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Leduc Lions Campground
  2. Leduc #1 Campground
  3. Devon Lions Campground
  4. Whitemud Creek Golf and RV Park Resort
  5. Coal Lake North Recreation Area
  6. The Lions Memorial Campground - Millet
  7. Rainbow Valley Campground
  8. Wizard Lake Jubilee Park
  9. Joseph Lake Centennial Park
  10. Shakers Acres RV Park
  11. Thorsby Lion's Campground
  12. Glowing Embers Travel Centre and RV Park
  13. Wetaskiwin Lions RV Campground
  14. Telegraph Park and Hay Lakes Lions Campground
  15. Prairie Breeze Inn, RV and Camping
  16. Diamond Grove RV Campground
  17. Coal Lake South Park
  18. Half Moon Lake Resort
  19. Wagner Natural Area
  20. Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort

Leduc, Alberta

There is a campground and RV park at the south east corner of Leduc.

The city of Leduc's fame is based on a single significant episode in the history of Alberta, namely the Leduc oil strike. It took place on February 13th, 1947, at what was shortly thereafter designated as Leduc #1 oil well near the town which up until then had enjoyed a quiet existence since its establishment in 1899. The discovery brought Alberta into the oil boom times which have strongly influenced the history and development of the province. Visitors to Leduc can see indoor and outdoor displays, models and murals at the Canadian Petroleum Interpretive Centre which is at the site of the original well.

Local legend offers this explanation for the name. In 1890, as part of the process of setting up a telegraph office, a settler needed to assign a name to the new centre and hit upon the idea of naming it after the first person who came in the door of the new telegraph office. That person was Father Hippolyte Leduc, a well-known local priest. Originally, the telegraph office and a railway stop were the main features of the town, but slow steady growth continued until the boom came.

Leduc's setting and history have allowed for the development of museums, gardens, parks and natural areas. Telford Lake which is named for Robert Telford who, in 1899, bought land near that same lake, is a popular local recreation destination. It is under further development by a committee of the town council whose members are mindful of the need to preserve and protect its natural features as a bird and wildlife area and boating site. The Alberta Heritage Exposition Park features displays of artefacts used by Alberta pioneers. The Doctor Woods House Museum is the restored dwelling of a once-local physician and has tours and a monthly tea put on by volunteers. The Stone Barn Garden is a part of Leduc's cultural district and is a landscaped setting for an historic barn which is a rebuilt replica of the first dairy barn in the area.

  • Canadian Petroleum Interpretive Centre
  • Doctor Woods House Museum
  • many parks and natural areas
  • cycling and footpath system linking parks and neighbourhoods
  • Alberta Heritage Exposition Park
  • The Stone Barn Garden
  • Telford Lake, a local recreation destination

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