Homer, Alaska Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Oceanview RV Park
  2. Driftwood Inn, Lodges, Charters & RV Park
  3. Karen Hornaday Campground
  4. Mariner Park
  5. Baycrest RV Park
  6. Heritage RV Park
  7. Castaway RV Park
  8. Homer Spit Tent Camping
  9. Homer Spit Campground (RV)
  10. Silverking Campground
  11. Coho Campground
  12. Steelhead Campground
  13. Slidehole Campground
  14. Kyllonen`s RV Park
  15. Halibut Campground
  16. Beehive RV Park
  17. Stariski State Recreation Site
  18. Deep Creek State Recreation Area
  19. Deep Creek View Campground
  20. Alaskan Angler RV Resort

Homer, Alaska

The town of Homer is on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, on the south side of the Alaskan land mass, and comprises one of the more densely-inhabited areas of the state. Given the large distances you cover when travelling in Alaska, the towns of Soldotna, Ninilchik, Sterling and Ridgeway are relatively close. Its location on the coast confers a number of advantages, such as a moderation in the coldness of the winters, access to the fishing waters, notably for halibut, and, of course, the scenery. This includes Homer's views of the Gulf of Alaska to the south, and of the mountains and glaciers that rise out of it.

In contrast with the wildness, the people of Homer are warm and hospitable. The town has many campgrounds and RV parks, and the operators are welcoming and accommodating to the needs and wishes of the camper. The influx of visitors during the summer, and the presence of people who come to Homer for the excellent halibut fishing make this array of campgrounds and resorts a necessity. The unique beauties of the area are inviting for international travellers, as well as American tourists who want to make it to the distant state at least once, as a point of pride and discussion!

The town supports a lively artistic community and has earned the moniker Alaska's Art Capital. On any given day or night, you can visit galleries and studios or take in a locally-produced play. You can purchase craft items along the walking trail in town, or out along the spit, or attend a writers' workshop to exchange ideas with the writers who live there.

Homer is a town which winds up to heights from which you can always see mountains and then, much of it is at ocean level, especially the Homer Spit. The Karen Hornaday Campground, with its extensive playground, is on a level which affords constant mountain and ocean views. Sites are separated by riotous undergrowth. The summer growing season, with its long and famously well-lit nights, gives rise to many beautiful plants which are all the more lovely and surprising because of their short lives. However, most of the campgrounds and RV parks are close to (or right on) the shore.

You can take the Seldovia Bay Ferry which travels between Homer and Seldovia, across Kachemak Bay. Stay in Seldovia and enjoy some fresh catch at one of the charming restaurants.

From there, provided you are a hard core camper, you can make your way, via boat or plane, to Kachemak Bay State Park, where you can explore intertidal zones, and hike some of the 80 miles of trails. Camp in one of the campgrounds, or stay in a yurt and take several days to experience this large park with its glaciers, wildlife, and opportunities for mountain sports. Kayak and boat rentals are available in Homer and water taxis can take you around the park. .

Some good possibilities for a few hours' of enjoyment are Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies which offers exploration tours of the Peterson Bay Field Station at Kachemak State Park and Wilderness, the Homer Harbor and the Wynn Nature Center on Skyline Drive. The Wynn Center can be explored separately, with its own self-guided tours. The Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center on Sterling Highway offers you a look at the largest seabird refuge in the world, as well as naturalist-led walks and presentations. There is a boardwalk to the beach.

Homer is an inviting town with a salty air and a great variety of ways to enjoy it.

Camping in Alaska

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