Flagstaff, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Kit Carson RV Park
  2. Black Barts RV Park
  3. Woody Mountain Campground
  4. Fort Tuthill Recreation Area
  5. Flagstaff KOA
  6. Greer's Pine Shadows RV Park
  7. J and H RV Park
  8. Canyon Vista Campground
  9. Lockett Meadow Campground
  10. Lakeview Campground - Coconino NF
  11. Bonito Campground
  12. Pine Flat Campground
  13. Cave Springs Campground
  14. Pinegrove Campground
  15. Munds Park RV Resort
  16. Ashurst Lake Campground
  17. Forked Pine Campground
  18. Manzanita Campground
  19. Dairy Springs Campground
  20. Double Springs Campground

Flagstaff, Arizona

There are a number of campgrounds and RV parks in and around the Flagstaff area.

The list of nick names for the beautiful state of Arizona include the Grand Canyon State, Italy of America, the Sand Hill State and the Sunset State. These titles exemplify certain aspects of the state, some of them particularly appropriate to Flagstaff. The Grand Canyon is near, as are the San Francisco Peaks and the deserts for which Arizona is well-known. All of these sites afford excellent sunsets.

In 1894, A. E. Douglass, an astronomer who founded the discipline of dendochronology by which wood is dated by analyzing its growth ring pattern, was asked to find a location for an observatory. Flagstaff was chosen and the Lowell Observatory was named after the man who hired him for the job. In 1930, the former planet Pluto was discovered and in 1978, its satellite, Charon, was observed from this location.

The mountain elevation which provided the ideal place for the establishment of the Lowell Observatory also gave rise to another event which has added to Flagstaff's fame. It became the first International Dark-Sky Community, awarded by an association of the same name which preserves the night time environment through quality outdoor lighting.

  • Coconino National Forest
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
  • Sedona Golf Resort
  • Meteor Crater
  • Pioneer Museum
  • Red Rocks of Sedona
  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park
  • part of Route 66

Camping in Arizona

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