Yuma, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Desert Holiday RV Resort
  2. Mesa Verde RV Resort
  3. Suni Sands Resort
  4. Friendly Acres RV Park
  5. Sans End RV Park
  6. Arizona Sands RV Park
  7. Cocopah RV & Golf Resort
  8. Del Pueblo RV and Tennis Resort
  9. Arizona West RV Park
  10. Araby Acres RV Resort
  11. Sun Vista RV Resort
  12. Cactus Gardens RV Resort
  13. Bonita Mesa R.V. Resort
  14. Westwind RV & Golf Resort
  15. Blue Sky RV Park
  16. Las Quintas Oasis RV Resort
  17. Canyon West RV Park-Horse Motel
  18. Foothills Village RV Park
  19. Shangri-La RV Resort
  20. Sundance RV Park

Yuma, Arizona

There are a few RV parks in Yuma and many more in communities a short distance east of Yuma.

From its beginnings in the mid nineteenth century, Yuma (so named in 1873) was noted for its natural river crossing. The Colorado River narrows to a bit less than 1,000 feet at the point where the settlement was established. Later in its history, Yuma was known as a ferry crossing and a major steamboat stop. Then the Southern Pacific Railroad built its river crossing and obtained the Colorado Steam Navigation Company, which had the monopoly on the river. This solidified Yuma's place as the nexus for navigation.

Today Yuma is the third-largest city in Arizona, after Phoenix and Tucson. The mild winters are a consistent draw for those living in colder climates, making these cities, beneficiaries of a large burst of tourist snowbirds during the winter months. These same visitors probably find the average 107 F summer temperature to be excessive. Only about 3 inches of rain fall annually.

Agriculture is the first major contributor to the economy and the two military installations provide the second largest support. Marine Corps Air Station Yuma has access to almost 3 million acres of training space and usually has the good weather to use them. The MCAS shares facilities with the Yuma International Airport and maintains runways and taxiways, provides air traffic control, security and emergency services. The Yuma Proving Ground occupies 1,300 square miles and is large enough to conduct 100 tests simultaneously. Various aspects of military duty are rehearsed here. The testing of personnel and equipment, the presence of foreign dignitaries, school groups, and local organizations contribute to the total of about 17,000 visitors per year.

Yuma's population was about 93,000 in the 2010 census, of which a significant percentage consists of retirees.

  • Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park
  • historic buildings in downtown area
  • Mesa del Sol Golf Club
  • seasonal Farmers' Markets
  • petroglyph explorations at Antelope Hill
  • rockhounding
  • in Yuma, West Wetlands, Gateway parks, connected by a trail, for birding. East Wetlands is being restored
  • Yuma Birding and Nature Festival, annual festival resuming in 2013
  • Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area
  • Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, home to only native palm trees in Arizona
  • Museum of History in Granite and Center of World Pyramid
  • Cocopah Museum and Cultural Center
  • Casle Dome Mines Museum
  • Camel Farm

Camping in Arizona

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