Prescott, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. White Spar Campground
  2. Point of Rock Campground
  3. Lynx Lake Campground
  4. Hilltop Campground
  5. Lower Wolf Creek Campground
  6. Alto Pit OHV Recreation Site
  7. Orchard Ranch Resort
  8. Fairgrounds RV Park
  9. Potato Patch Campground
  10. Mingus Mountain Campground
  11. Powell Springs Campground
  12. Quail Ridge RV Park
  13. Hazlett Hollow Campground
  14. Turquoise Triangle RV Park
  15. Dead Horse Ranch State Park
  16. Rio Verde RV Park
  17. Camp Verde RV Resort
  18. Rancho Verde RV Park
  19. Trails End RV Park
  20. Krazy K RV Park

Prescott, Arizona

With an altitude of 5,200 ft. Prescott's newer residential areas in these upper levels are quite a treat to drive through.

Prescott National Forest campgrounds as well as other more primitive parks are nearby, where you can tent or set up your RV, as long as you don't need the plug-ins. You can enjoy hiking in Prescott National Forest. But in order to have the full range of your RV's facilities, you will have to venture a little further afield. Most of these are east or southeast of town.

In addition to the good golfing which is part of an inviting retirement environment, there is trail riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, boating and fishing. But there are six or so golf courses, if you prefer to stick to that!

Camping in Arizona

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