Lake Havasu City, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Crazy Horse Campgrounds
  2. Lake Havasu State Park
  3. Campbell Cove RV Resort
  4. Islander RV Resort
  5. Beachcomber Resort
  6. Refuge Motorcoach Resort
  7. Havasu Falls RV Resort
  8. DJ's RV Park
  9. Havasu RV Resort
  10. Prospectors RV Resort
  11. Black Meadow Landing on Lake Havasu
  12. Sandpoint Marina & RV Park-Cattail Cove State Park
  13. Cattail Cove State Park
  14. Havasu Springs Resort
  15. Raintree River Resort
  16. Buckskin Mountain State Park
  17. Sunshine Resort
  18. Fox's Full Service Resort
  19. Sandbar Resort Campground
  20. River Lodge Resort

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This is more or less an engineered town, planned by the same man who built Disneyland, and founded by a local oilman. Lake Havasu City is a desert city, with year round temperatures ranging from the 60s in winter, to well into the in the 100s in the height of summer.

The story started with a rather preposterous idea that turned out very well for the developers. The site has a lake, and it has an island. The idea of connecting the island to the mainland by means of a bridge seemed like a good idea. The genius or risk came into play when the bridge chosen was not a new one, but an old one--and a famous one--namely, London Bridge, whose stones were up for auction.

The man who purchased those stones was Robert McCulloch, Sr. It was his job to develop the land given to him by the government of Arizona and he decided to build a tourist attraction. Work on reconstruction of the bridge was begun in 1968 and completed in 1971. The story, with pictures and accounts of the various stages, is told in the Visitor Center in a part of the city now beneath the bridge itself.

In the vicinity of the Visitor Center, the buildings are built to resemble a section of London with their Tudor style details, shops and a waterside, not to mention pigeons. Keeping company with the pigeons are local birds, such as grackles, whose raucous and varied sounds lend a seaside air to this part of the city. The bridge is central to the marketable touristiness of the place and makes it unique.

There are many RV resorts here and some campgrounds, as well. The state park in town, as well as some swanky resorts on the island, are supplemented by several other well-priced options for RV campers and tenters.

Camping in Arizona

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