Quartzsite, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. The Scenic Road RV Park
  2. Quail Run RV Park
  3. Ameri-Can Trails RV Park
  4. JR's RV Park
  5. Shady Lane RV Resort
  6. Kofa Mountain RV Park
  7. The Stuffed Camel RV Park
  8. Crawford's Trailer Park
  9. Split Rail RV Park
  10. Tyson RV Park
  11. Holiday Palms RV Park
  12. Hassler's RV Park
  13. Paradise RV Park & Self-Storage
  14. Arizona Sun RV Park
  15. Pattie's RV Park
  16. Eighty-Eight Shades RV Park
  17. B-10 Campground
  18. Desert Oasis RV Park
  19. Tyson Wells RV Park & Self-Storage
  20. Hadlock's Shady Spot Park

Quartzsite, Arizona

The unique thing about Quartzsite is that you can camp almost anywhere around it because of the availability of public lands which can be used this way. This type of camping is called boondocking and it simply means that you have no hook-ups, but you have a place to park your RV.

From your parking place, you can take in some of the noteworthy shows that draw large numbers of people to Quartzsite each year. These shows are not performances, they are large buying and selling events.

In addition to these informal public camping spots, there are scads of RV campgrounds in town, most of them of the sun-blasted, gravel-based variety, but a few with clumps of trees and cactus gardens here and there.

Camels were used for transportation in the mid 1850s in Arizona, a brainstorm from Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War at the time. The idea worked and so did the camels, for nearly a century and their history is commemorated in a few places in Quartzsite, notably the entry signs, where there are three camels as well as elsewhere in town.

Camping in Arizona

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