Clifton, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. North Clifton RV Park
  2. Granville Campground
  3. Black Jack Campground
  4. Coal Creek Campground
  5. Lower Juan Miller Campground
  6. Upper Juan Miller Campground
  7. Lexington Pines Mobile Home & RV Park
  8. Sheep Saddle Campground
  9. Big Horn Campground
  10. Roper Lake State Park
  11. Honeymoon Campground
  12. Strayhorse Campground
  13. KP Cienega Campground
  14. Hannagan Campground
  15. Arcadia Campground
  16. Upper Arcadia Campground
  17. Round Mountain Campground
  18. Blue Crossing Campground
  19. Twilight Campground
  20. Pueblo Park Campground

Clifton, Arizona

The Morenci mining operation is close to Clifton but the softness created by the desert vegetation makes the starkness of the mined-out mountains less offensive. The size of the mining operation is astounding. As you drive through it, you wonder if you will reach the end. For those interested in the process, or just the spectacle, it is well worth seeing.

There are many trees in this city, along with ocotillos, sotals, cacti, palm trees and deciduous trees. Clusters of homes lie on the outskirts of the center, alongside some of the heaps left by the mining process. The Clifton RV Park is in town and is beautiful with many flowering trees. The sites are quite close together and generally not sheltered.

Camping in Arizona

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