Jerome, Arizona Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Potato Patch Campground
  2. Mingus Mountain Campground
  3. Dead Horse Ranch State Park
  4. Turquoise Triangle RV Park
  5. Rio Verde RV Park
  6. Fairgrounds RV Park
  7. Powell Springs Campground
  8. Orchard Ranch Resort
  9. Rancho Verde RV Park
  10. Camp Verde RV Resort
  11. Distant Drums RV Resort
  12. Krazy K RV Park
  13. Trails End RV Park
  14. Point of Rock Campground
  15. Rancho Sedona RV Park
  16. Lynx Lake Campground
  17. Hilltop Campground
  18. Beaver Creek Campground
  19. Manzanita Campground
  20. Clear Creek RV Park

Jerome, Arizona

This smallish city in Arizona is built on the side of a mountain and you climb up into it to an altitude of almost 6,000 ft. It's best to know where you are going from the start of the climb, because backtracking is a major inconvenience. Roads are narrow and residences and stores are crammed very close to them. There is a real European vibe, especially since the vegetation sticks out of the walls which also line the roads and support the buildings. It seems like an Italian or more European alpine city. Also, it seems to be a big tourist draw, probably because of its beautiful views and unique ambiance.

Camping in Arizona

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