Dawson Creek, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Mile 0 RV Park
  2. Northern Lights RV Park
  3. Pouce Coupe Park
  4. Sudeten Heritage Park
  5. Swan Lake Provincial Park
  6. Kiskatinaw Provincial Park
  7. Spring Lake Recreation Site
  8. Peace Island Park
  9. One Island Lake Provincial Park
  10. Fairway RV Park
  11. Hythe Municipal Campground
  12. Corner RV Park
  13. Hythe Oasis RV Park
  14. Moonshine Lake Provincial Park
  15. Foot Lake Campground
  16. Ole's Lake Provincial Recreation Area
  17. Valhalla Centre Campground
  18. Hommy Park
  19. Ross H. MacLean Rotary RV Park
  20. Big Lake Campground

Dawson Creek, British Columbia

There are a couple of RV parks and campgrounds in Dawson Creek.

Road trips along the Alaska Highway begin here, most often at the often-photographed vintage Mile 0 sign since one of the city's claims lies in this crucial positioning. In addition, Dawson Creek has two golf courses, bike, walking and horseback riding trails, Bear Mountain Community Forest, a picnicking area, as well as lakes, rivers and streams for their outdoor activities. There is scope for camping, fishing and bird watching here as well and a varied habitat that is home for a corresponding variety of wildlife. August brings the Dawson Creek Stampede, known in particular for its chuckwagon racing. 2008 was the city's 50th anniversary of incorporation.

  • Roadside attraction: Giant crossed hockey sticks
  • Roadside attraction: Mile 0 Alaska Highway sign
  • Bear Mountain Community Forest
  • 2 golf courses
  • Pouce Coupe Regional Park
  • McQueen's Slough boardwalk
  • Dawson Creek Stampede

Camping in British Columbia

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