Gold River, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Muchalat Lake Campground
  2. Nootka Marine Adventures
  3. Cougar Creek Campground
  4. Buttle Lake
  5. Ralph River Campground
  6. Orchard Meadow Campground
  7. Fry Trestle Campground
  8. Long Point Campground
  9. Fry Peninsula Campground
  10. Leiner River Campground
  11. Gray Lake Campground
  12. Brittany Bay Campground
  13. Loon Bay Campground
  14. Dogwood bay Campground
  15. Campbell Lake Campground
  16. Brewster Camp
  17. Camp 5
  18. Schoen Lake Provincial Park
  19. Apple Point Campground
  20. Merrill Lake Campground

Gold River, British Columbia

This village of about 1,500 people has much to offer. You can golf, hike, explore forests, lakes and rivers, you can sightsee, go spelunking or rock-climbing. Various lodges and tour and charter companies exist to help you find your adventures or you can find them yourself. And there are numerous fishing lodges and other tourist accommodations to support the excellent sport fishing opportunities. Since the loss of its pulp and paper industry, Gold River relies on the visits of avid fishermen and other sorts of tourists. Its proximity to Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island’s west coast affords an additional source of adventure and activity. The first location on the Island to introduce electricity, Gold River now has the conveniences of a modern village to complement its tourism industry.

  • Crest Creek Crag, where you can view daring mountain climbers on the steep rock walls
  • Crest Mountain Trail which is a 5 km trail, climbing to over 1100 metres
  • Elk River Trail which features an 11-km hike, some of it through rainforest
  • mountain-climbing Mount Hinde, Vancouver Island’s highest peak

Camping in British Columbia

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