Lillooet, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Cayoosh Creek Campground
  2. Fraser Cove Campground and Guest Cottage
  3. Seton Dam Campground
  4. Kwotlenemo Lake Campground
  5. Cinnamon British Columbia Recreation Site
  6. Cottonwood British Columbia Recreation Site
  7. Mission Dam Campground
  8. Gott Creek Campground
  9. Marble Canyon Provincial Park
  10. Carpenter Lake Boat Launch
  11. Rogers Creek Campground
  12. Leon Creek Campground
  13. Yalakom Campground
  14. Downing Provincial Park
  15. Murray Creek Campground
  16. Lake La Mare Campground
  17. Carol Lake Campground
  18. Botanie Lake Campground
  19. Beaverdam Creek Campground
  20. Brookside Campsite


There is a campground and RV park in Lillooet and a couple more within a short drive.

In Lillooet's past, the area was a centre for native culture, and is reckoned to have been inhabited for several thousand years by the Lil'wat First Nations. The confluence of streams with the Fraser River assured a continuing supply of fish. Another attraction for a later time lay in the deposits of gold, copper, silver and nephrite jade.

The arid climate keeps Lillooet in competition with Lytton for the hottest summer days in this part of BC. These hot summers plus dry winters are beginning to prove profitable for wine-growing. The deep gorges on the east side of the Coast Mountains provide spectacular scenery, and contrast with the unspoiled valleys and lakes.

  • Roadside attraction: Pelton Wheel Sculpture
  • busiest fishing site on the Fraser River at Lower Fountain
  • unique 18-hole golf course made from a sheep farmer's pasture, still in use
  • Bridge of 23 Camels
  • Hangman's Tree
  • Mile 0 cairn of the Cariboo Road
  • Miyazaki House, heritage site
  • Jade Park, with jade sculptures
  • Cornwall Hills Provincial Park

Camping in British Columbia

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