Lytton, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Skihist Provincial Park
  2. Botanie Lake Campground
  3. Goldpan Provincial Park
  4. Log Creek Campground
  5. Fir Flat Campground
  6. Apocynum Campground
  7. Nahatlatch River Campground
  8. Murray Creek Campground
  9. Canyon Alpine RV Park and Campground
  10. Third Lake Campground
  11. Cabin Lake Campground
  12. N'kwala Campground
  13. Lightning Lake Campground
  14. Pimainus Lake East Campground
  15. Abbott Lake Campground
  16. Calling Lake Campground
  17. Silver Lake Campground
  18. Uptown RV
  19. Big Ok Lake Campground
  20. Gordon Lake Campground

Lytton, British Columbia

Lytton’s climate and location have given rise to two almost-official designations, namely, Canada’s Hot Spot and Rafting Capital of Canada. Poised at the convergence of the Fraser and Thompson rivers, the village hosts two summer festivals, Lytton Days in May and Lytton River Festival in September. For those inbetween hot summer days, it would be wise and refreshing to consider Kumsheen Rafting Resort, salmon-fishing on the river banks or a visit to Hell’s Gate in the Fraser Canyon. Lytton also has one of the few remaining “reaction ferries” which use the river current for propulsion and takes you across the Fraser to the West. The route through Lytton to nearby Lillooet is an alternative route to Whistler for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  • rafting adventures
  • Hell’s Gate
  • Lytton Days
  • Lytton River Festival
  • salmon-fishing
  • proximity to Whistler, BC

Camping in British Columbia

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