Cache Creek, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Brookside Campsite
  2. Ashcroft Legacy Park
  3. Barnes Lake Campground
  4. Willard Lake Campground
  5. Juniper Beach Provincial Park
  6. Marble Canyon Provincial Park
  7. Wells Park Fishing Resort
  8. Hihium Lake South Campground
  9. Steelhead Provincial Park
  10. Clinton Pines Campground and RV Park
  11. Gold Trail RV Park
  12. Kwotlenemo Lake Campground
  13. Downing Provincial Park
  14. Big Ok Lake Campground
  15. Murray Creek Campground
  16. Tunkwa Provincial Park - Tunkwa Campground
  17. Tunkwa Provincial Park - Leighton North Campground
  18. Tunkwa Provincial Park - Leighton Campground
  19. Bose Lake Campground
  20. Bonaparte River Bridge Campground

Cache Creek, British Columbia

There is a campground and RV park in Cache Creek.

Perhaps in celebration of its gold rush roots, Cache Creek, a small town of about 1,100, presents itself with class. Be sure to view its arresting town sign which looks best at night. Cache Creek derives its name from the old gold rush practice of hiding a stash in a creek to keep it safe. Set in desert-like terrain, with flora and fauna typical of this climate, the town is still an oasis to the traveller with its large complement of motels and restaurants. Hat Creek Ranch is a historic site providing a wealth of interesting sights and activities.

  • Roadside attraction: Caribou Sam, gold digger
  • at least six provincial parks within easy distance
  • Historic Hat Creek Ranch
  • plants and animals typical of hot, dry region

Camping in British Columbia

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