McBride, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Beaverview RV Park & Campground
  2. Bell Mountain Meadow Campground
  3. Beaver River Recreation Site
  4. Scarecrow Farm BB and Campground
  5. King Creek Golf and Winter Club
  6. NV Mountainview Chalets and RV Resort
  7. La Salle Lakes West Campground
  8. Spittal Creek Site
  9. Tete Jaune Spawn Creek Campground
  10. Little Lost Lake Campground
  11. Robson Shadows Campground
  12. Mount Robson Provincial Park - Robson River
  13. Mount Robson Provincial Park - Robson Meadows
  14. Valemount Pines Golf Club, RV Park and Campground
  15. iRVin's Park and Campground
  16. Yellowhead Campground
  17. Wilderness Creek Campground
  18. Rocky RV Park
  19. Chisel Lake Campground
  20. Bowron Lake Provincial Park

Village of McBride, BC

This is a very tidy and tiny place, with little homes, neat streets, and whimsically-painted fire hydrants. The railway was evidently very significant in the history of McBride. The colourful murals and the overhead sign are both inspired by its part in the local history. The three campgrounds in the vicinity are all different from each other. One is a rustic forestry campground with a small number of sites, another is located on a farm, with farm animals, along with a bed-and-breakfast and another is an RV and tent campground with power and water services.

The setting is mountainous but the place itself is pretty flat. The flatness actually helps with the game that has been initiated to help in exploring this small centre. It's a scale solar system with various installations throughout the village that show where the planets and the sun are located. Neptune which is the farthest from the sun is on the way into town. As you proceed, you get closer to the sun which is at the top of a lamp standard by the railway station on (address). Mercury is only a few sidewalk sections away from this sun.

This exercise helps bring home the vastness of the solar system, especially the distances between planets. And it's enjoyably ironic because the village itself is so small.

The aforesaid railway station has been converted into a visitor centre, gallery and restaurant, called the Beanery 2. High quality local crafts are sold in the gallery and maps and help are available for the traveller. The Beanery 2 offers beautiful and simple meals that are as homemade as it is possible for them to be outside of a home. They are delicious and thoughtfully presented. This is an unabashed coffee stop; coffee is gloriously served in a variety of forms and you can get some fresh-baked accompaniments if you don't want a meal. The staff is very friendly and people know each other here which makes a pleasant atmosphere, even if you aren't a familiar face (yet).

Camping in British Columbia

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