Quesnel, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Fraser Bridge & RV Park
  2. Airport Inn RV Park and Campground
  3. Robert's Roost RV Park and Campground
  4. Lazy Daze Motel and Campsite
  5. Ten Mile Lake Resort
  6. Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park - Lakeside
  7. Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park - Touring
  8. Alamo Motel, Restaurant & Campground
  9. Lightning Creek Campground
  10. Cinema 2nd Hand General Store Camping
  11. Cariboo Place Campsite
  12. Genevieve Lake Campground
  13. Chubb Lake Campground
  14. Twin Lakes Campground
  15. Beavermouth Campground
  16. Nyland Lake Campground
  17. Naver Creek Campground
  18. Tzenzaicut Lake North Campground
  19. Ahbau Lake Campground
  20. Maud Lake Campground

Quesnel, BC

Quesnel is a surprising place with a lot of beauty spots in its small downtown area. The mighty Fraser is a picturesque feature. Flowers blossom plentifully here in summer, in gardens and sidewalk arrangements. In some locations, there are narrow stripes of petunias along the edges of the curbs too


There are a number of camping options in the area, a good choice is Robert's Roost, a large beautifully landscaped resort like place which is reasonably priced. The waterfront on Dragon Lake has a floating dock and you may have to share your swim with the ducks and geese for now, although it is more likely they will leave you alone. A modest sandy beach is in the future plans. Sitting on the dock on the furniture provided is very peaceful and warm with a south exposure. You can enjoy the sunset as some evening fishermen set off in their boats to commune with the lake with their poles out. This lake is noted for its trout. There are shower, toilet and sink combo suites here. It's a lovely place to call home while you range far and wide in your exploration of the North Cariboo. The staff is very responsive, conscientious and friendly.

Other campgrounds include Fraser Bridge RV Park which is very small and right in town by, as you can tell, the bridge. The Airport Inn RV Park and Campground is very nice as well, orderly and thoughtfully arranged. Lazy Daze Motel and Campsite is woodsy and has a swimming beach. And there are more. In general, the camping is very good around Quesnel and you can easily get back into town on Highway 97.

Quesnel has good shopping, including chains like WalMart, Safeway and Save-On-Foods and a good variety of restaurants. When you sample one good one, you tend to assume they will all be good, but Chicanos Mexican Restaurante is a definite winner. And there is an absolutely charming Visitor Centre, with its marigold garden, intermixed with a few flowers in non-golden hues, in which stands one of many tributes to Billy Barker. An interesting museum is in the building as well.

A long-dead but still venerated local figure, Billy Barker came to BC from England and was determined to mine here after being infected by gold fever. Despite a discouraging series of attempts, he continued to prospect and was rewarded with one of the best strikes in gold mining history. For a few years, he was a very wealthy man and enjoyed life with his new wife. After her death, he tried to strike it rich again but was never as successful. His name and reputation are everywhere in this area, and the mystique persists with gold-panners continuing to be moderately active. You just never know.

Besides the mining, you can certainly see a large contingent of loaded logging trucks on any given day. Some very lovely forest camping can be enjoyed along some of these logging routes, often for free, although the presence of a water source is seldom assured. Be prepared to rough it, including during the drive in which can be very challenging and not suitable for large rigs because of the wash board surfaces, fallen trees and dust which you will inevitably take on board.

One of the more sophisticated events in Quesnel is the September Lions Wiener Dog Races. A pageant is part of the proceedings and an individual event as well will determine the yearly winner of the Fastest Wiener.

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