Barkerville, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Barkerville - Government Hill
  2. Barkerville - Forest Rose
  3. Barkerville - Lowhee
  4. Nugget Hill RV Park
  5. Cariboo Joy RV Park
  6. Whiskey Flats Campground
  7. Chisel Lake Campground
  8. Atan Lake Campground
  9. Bowron Lake Lodge Lakeshore Campground
  10. Bowron Lake Provincial Park
  11. Ladiies Creek Campground
  12. Crescent Lake Campground
  13. Lightning Creek Campground
  14. Stony Lake East Campground
  15. Wolverine Lake Campground
  16. Maud Lake Campground
  17. Stony Lake North Campground
  18. Ahbau Lake Campground
  19. Quesnel Forks Campground
  20. Nyland Lake Campground

Barkerville, BC

Barkerville was a gold rush town which has been rebuilt and restored on the original site. This project was undertaken by the BC government beginning in 1958. Its original presence was largely due to the influence of Billy Barker, an Englishman whose gold strike was the beginning of its success and whose persistence in searching for gold resulted in the place being named after him. Spending a day here is inadequate; you need more time. And you can easily because your tickets allows you to return a second day for a couple of dollars more.

The trained actors who play the parts of specific town and historic personalities are excellent at their jobs and the frequent trips down Main Street of horsedrawn coach and cart, with the inevitable evidence of the horses left in their wakes, makes for a genuine historical feel. All has been carefully done. Take in a show at the Theatre Royal; enjoy any other of the presentations at the various buildings with the aid of historical (and sometimes hysterically funny) interpreters. It's educational, entertaining and enjoyable.

Barkerville was very important in the history of BC, and the gold mining time was an extremely important epoch as well. In fact, it was thought for a time that Quesnel would be the capital of BC because of its closeness to Barkerville. The interpreters refer to a fire which took place in September of 1868, presumably begun by a domestic ironing accident and shortly after it began it caught and destroyed all the wooden buildings. Such was the determination of the inhabitants that reconstruction was begun the day following the levelling, on a much safer footing. The new and improved town served its population and continued to grow, although its importance had declined greatly by the era of the Great Depression.

There are three campgrounds operated by Barkerville Campgrounds, all unserviced, and very close to this world class attraction. Cariboo Joy and Nugget Hill RV Park are serviced campgrounds in the nearby town of Wells.

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