Vanderhoof, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Coach Light Motel and RV Park
  2. Riverside Campground - Vanderhoof
  3. Dave's RV Park
  4. Tachick Lake Resort
  5. Hogsback Lake Campground
  6. Cobb Lake Campground
  7. Frank Lake Campground
  8. Greer Creek Falls Campground
  9. Beaumont Provincial Park
  10. Home Lake Campground
  11. Pipers Glen Resort
  12. Graveyard Lake Campground
  13. Etcho Lake Campground
  14. Ormond Lake Campground
  15. Peterson's Beach Campground
  16. Great Beaver Lake
  17. Gluten Lake Campground
  18. Greer Creek Campground
  19. Oona Lake Campground
  20. Grizzly Lake Campground

Vanderhoof, British Columbia

Vanderhoof has RV parks and campgrounds in the town and very nearby.

The history of Vanderhoof has many chapters. Members of the Cheslatta'ten and Sai' Kuz (Stoney Creek) First Nations roamed the land, and the explorer, Simon Fraser, chronicles trading furs with them. Then came waves of miners, prospectors, telegraph operators and surveyors, followed by settlers.

The Grand Trunk Pacific Development Company handled the sale of land for a low price and a Mr. Herbert Vanderhoof plotted the townsite. The site was originally meant as a retreat for American artists and writers but the lure of cheap land drew settlers in great numbers. The name Vanderhoof is the Dutch word for of the farm and the name was conferred in 1926 when the town was officially established. Following WWII, the returning soldiers, construction of the Kenney Dam and a logging boom, as well as an influx of American immigrants in the 1960s, heralded a period of steady population growth.

The municipal flag depicts important aspects of town life, namely, agriculture, family, lumber industry and wildlife, exemplified by the flying Canada goose. The city's current population is around 4,000.

  • geographical centre of the province of British Columbia
  • Vanderhoof Heritage Museum
  • walking tours of town, with a local guide or self-guided
  • Stoney Creek First Nations Village
  • Vanderhoof Bird Sanctuary
  • Beaumont Provincial Park
  • walking trails in vicinity of Telegraph Trail, such as Home Lake Trail, Johnson Lake Trail and Gluten Lake Trail

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