Burns Lake, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Eagle Creek Campground
  2. Burns Lake Campground
  3. Guyishton Lake Campground
  4. Division Lake Campground
  5. Beaver Point Resort
  6. Agate Point Campground
  7. McLure Pit (Government Point) Campground
  8. Co-op Lake Campground
  9. Sandy's RV and Camping Resort
  10. Indian Bay Campground
  11. Maxan Lake Campground
  12. Taltapin Lake Campground
  13. Augier Lake Campground
  14. Mollice Lake Campground
  15. Richmond Lake Campground
  16. Babine Lake - Pendleton Bay Marine Provincial Park
  17. Colleymount Campground
  18. Uncha Lake Campground
  19. Takysie Lake Campground
  20. Binta Lake North Campground

Burns Lake, British Columbia

Burns Lake is the site of a total of six First Nation reserves, bringing the local population to over 2,000, with approximately equal numbers of native Canadian and European-derived peoples. The logging industry is still very important in the region, just as it was in the early twentieth century when it was a major supplier of railroad ties for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities explains the growth in the tourist industry.

An unverified story surrounding the name of this largest town in BC comes from the time of the Borland Expedition during the survey of a route for the Overland Telegraph. A recent forest fire blackened the vegetation of the river valley, prompting the surveyors to name the narrow body of water Burnt Lake which gradually changed to Burns Lake.

The original location site underwent rapid growth with the coming of the railway, helped by the colourful and enterprising Trygarn Pelham Lyster Mulvany whose local name was Barney. He set up a pair of tents, part of a construction camp he had won in a poker game, one as a cook tent and the other as a small hotel. These gradually gave way to log cabins and, upon incorporation in 1923, the tent town became the Village of Burns Lake.

  • Lakes District with more than 300 wilderness lakes
  • varied fishing possibilities
  • salmon spawning
  • gateway to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park (limited access)
  • the Bucket of Blood, former fur trade post with somewhat notorious uses thereafter
  • a Performing Arts and an Alternative Arts Festival, each held annually
  • Tintagel Herb Gardens
  • rockhounding in Eagle Creek area, with agates, opals and hoodoos

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