Houston, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Silverthorne RV Park and Campground
  2. Shady Rest RV Park
  3. Aspen Campground
  4. Sunset Lake Campground
  5. Owen Flats A & B Campground
  6. Parrot Lake Campground
  7. Owen Hat Campground
  8. Owen Lake Campground
  9. Maxan Lake Campground
  10. Fort Telkwa RV Park
  11. Tyhee Lake Provincial Park
  12. Paul Lake Campground
  13. Noralee West Campground
  14. Francois Lake Campground
  15. Noralee East Campground
  16. Poplar Lake East Campground
  17. Riverside Golf Course and RV Park
  18. Colleymount Campground
  19. Riverside Park Municipal Campground
  20. Lamprey Creek Campground

Houston, British Columbia

There are a couple of RV parks and campgrounds near to Houston.

Formerly known as Pleasant Valley, the town was re-named after John Houston, a champion of the working man, in a contest, even though he never lived there. The name Steelhead Capital is also used due to the presence of the somewhat endangered oceangoing form of rainbow trout and the prevalence of fly-fishing. Fishing is good in the extensive river and lakes system, including the Bulkley and Morice Rivers, which run together near the townsite.

For a town of about 4,000 Houston has a large number of roadside visitor attractions. The world's largest fly fishing rod is here, as are a chainsaw wood sculpture honouring bull rider. Robbie Bell, a genuine sawmill, the world's largest, built in 2003 by Canfor and a sculpture of the steelhead in Steelhead Provincial Park.

  • Roadside attractions: world's largest fly fishing rod; a bull rider; the world's largest sawmill; and a memorial to the steelhead fish
  • located near the confluence of the Bulkley and Morice Rivers
  • named Steelhead Capital, for a subspecies of rainbow trout
  • Steelhead Provincial Park
  • murals on downtown buildings
  • rock climbing
  • walking trails
  • cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing
  • car sightseeing tours, including Circle Tour of Northern BC, the Inside Passage Tour and the Native Heritage Tour

Camping in British Columbia

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