Chetwynd, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Westwind RV Park
  2. Moberly Lake Provincial Park
  3. Caron Creek RV Park
  4. Cameron Lake Campground
  5. Big Lake Campground
  6. Dinosaur Lake Campground
  7. Alwin Holland Memorial Park
  8. King Gething Park
  9. Dupont RV Park
  10. Gwillim Lake Provincial Park
  11. Lynx Creek RV Park
  12. Gething Creek Campground
  13. Moose Lake Campground
  14. Wright Lake Campground
  15. Carbon Lake Campground
  16. Azouzetta Lake Lodge
  17. Kiskatinaw Provincial Park
  18. Tumbler Ridge Golf & Country Club
  19. Monkman RV Campground
  20. Lions Flatbed Creek Campground

Chetwynd, British Columbia

There is an RV park just east of Chetwynd on the highway.

The Little Prairie Valley is home for the town of Chetwynd, with its approximately 3,000 inhabitants. Varied landscapes - lakes, rivers, fertile valleys and mountain ranges provide opportunity and interest to the outdoor enthusiast. Some of the local attractions are Old Baldy Hiking Trail, an authentic Trapper’s Cabin, chainsaw wood carvings (the town is the self-proclaimed Chainsaw Sculpture Capital of the World), a community forest with hiking, walking and interpretive trails, Little Prairie Heritage Museum, Sukunka Falls and a nearby provincial park, plus two golf courses, Natural Springs Golf Resort in town, and also the nearby Moberly Lake & District Golf Club.

  • Roadside attraction: lumberjack statue, built in 1967.
  • chainsaw carvings
  • Little Prairie Heritage Museum
  • Chetwynd Community Forest
  • Natural Springs Golf Resort
  • Sukunka Falls

Camping in British Columbia

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