Slocan, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Scottie's RV Park and Campground
  2. Mill Pond Campground
  3. Kozy RV and Tent
  4. West Sullivan Lake Campground
  5. Mountain Park Resort
  6. Riviera RV Park
  7. Pierre Lake Campground
  8. Grand Forks Municipal Campground
  9. Noisy Creek Campground
  10. Edgewater Campground
  11. Stagger Inn Campground
  12. Big Meadow Lake Campground
  13. McCrae Lake Campground
  14. Beaver Creek Campground-Idaho Panhandle NF
  15. Priest Lake State Park - Lionhead Campground
  16. Lake Leo Campground
  17. Gillette Campground
  18. Lake Thomas Campground
  19. Lake Gilette Campground
  20. Little Twin Lakes Campground

Slocan, British Columbia

There is an RV park in Slocan.

The history of Slocan includes a period of high activity and wild times, associated with silver mining in the 1890s, when it was called Slocan City, and a grim period as a Japanese Canadian internment camp, where, as it happens, David Suzuki's family spent time. The name Slocan comes from a Sinixt Indian word meaning to strike or pierce the head, a reference to a method of killing the salmon which at one time were abundant here. A unique festival - The Hills Garlic Festival - takes place in early September in nearby New Denver and brings together artisans, organic farmers, musicians, used booksellers and chefs for shared good times. Another unique attraction is Skycastle Lookout, the only fire look-out tower in Canada offering overnight accommodation as well as all the views. The once-upon-a-time Monte Carlo of Canada survives as the ghost town of Sandon.

  • Sandon Ghost Town
  • Slocan City Logging Sports Day
  • Slocan Lake, a glacial lake, with fishing
  • Valhalla Provincial Park
  • Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
  • Skycastle Lookout
  • The Hills Garlic Festival, New Denver, BC

Camping in British Columbia

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