Salmo, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Erie Creek Recreation Site
  2. Champion Lakes Provincial Park
  3. Castlegar Golf Club & RV Park
  4. City of Trail RV Park
  5. Kootenay River Kampground
  6. Castlegar RV Park and Campground
  7. Boundary Dam Recreation Area
  8. Pass Creek Regional Park
  9. Boundary Lake Campground
  10. East Sullivan Lake Campground
  11. Mill Pond Campground
  12. West Sullivan Lake Campground
  13. Noisy Creek Campground
  14. Kokanee Creek Provincial Park
  15. Syringa Provincial Park
  16. Sheep Creek Campground
  17. Nancy Greene Provincial Park
  18. Valhalla Pines
  19. Edgewater Campground
  20. Lockhart Beach

Salmo, British Columbia

Salmo is located at the junction of highways 3 and 6 and is about a half hour from Castlegar to the west and Nelson to the north, and Trail to the south, with good access to nearby attractions. These include Ainsworth Hot Springs, the Kootenay Lake area, provincial parks, lodges, golf courses and the like. Salmo is the Latin word for salmon and the original name for the town was Salmon Siding, with the Salmon River nearby. Names have since been shortened to the Latin form to ease confusion. The spawning salmon have largely disappeared. The Shambhala Music Festival in August is held at Salmo River Ranch and attracts large numbers, transforming the usually quiet town. A revitalization project for Salmo's 1930s-style architecture is underway.

  • Roadside attraction: giant penny, installed in 1995
  • Shambhala Music Festival
  • Ainsworth Hot Springs
  • local and nearby golf courses

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