Likely, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Cedar Point Provincial Park
  2. Cedar Dam Lake Campground
  3. Wolverine Lake Campground
  4. Polley Lake Campground
  5. Quesnel Forks Campground
  6. Bootjack Lake Campground
  7. Spanish Lake Campground
  8. Raft Cr(Quesnel L) Campground
  9. Winkley Creek Campground
  10. Mitchell Bay Campground
  11. Jacobie Lake Campground
  12. Gavin Lake Camping Area
  13. Horsefly Bay Campground
  14. Horsefly River Flats Campground
  15. Ladiies Creek Campground
  16. Abbott Creek Campground
  17. Roberts Lake Campground
  18. Maud Lake Campground
  19. Tasse Lake Campground
  20. Kline Lake Campground

Likely, BC

Although the mood in Likely seemed subdued due to the potential threat to water supply, livelihood and long term health resulting from a recent tailing pond breach in the vicinity, it is a lovely small town with pretty houses on the winding roads. The Quesnel River which runs south in to Quesnel Lake is near most of it.

Quesnel Lake is described as the deepest fjord style lake in North America and the area boasts a unique inland temperate rain forest climate which accounts for the lush forest feel. Cedar Point Provincial Park is nearby, and offers access to Quesnel Lake, as well as family camping, sports facilities and a museum. Forestry campgrounds are also around here, usually beautiful and remote, although challenging to get to if you're not out on a quad. You can get to the Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park which is about an hour away or you can take the Williams Lake and Wells/Barkerville Circle Tour which will take you past lovely sub-alpine scenery.

Camping in British Columbia

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