Wells, British Columbia Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Nugget Hill RV Park
  2. Cariboo Joy RV Park
  3. Barkerville - Lowhee
  4. Barkerville - Forest Rose
  5. Barkerville - Government Hill
  6. Atan Lake Campground
  7. Whiskey Flats Campground
  8. Chisel Lake Campground
  9. Bowron Lake Lodge Lakeshore Campground
  10. Bowron Lake Provincial Park
  11. Crescent Lake Campground
  12. Lightning Creek Campground
  13. Stony Lake East Campground
  14. Ladiies Creek Campground
  15. Stony Lake North Campground
  16. Ahbau Lake Campground
  17. Stony Lake West Campground
  18. Stony Lake South Campground
  19. Maud Lake Campground
  20. Nyland Lake Campground

Wells, BC

Wells is small, adorable and colourful with little homes and business buildings in its downtown (actually uptown because of the hill) zone. Many buildings have been restored with a view to being as vivid as possible, and others are clearly in the process of restoration. An old church has been taken over by gallery operators and given the delightful name of Amazing Space, where art is available for sale or viewing.

One of the restored edifices is the Wells Hotel which has an interesting history you can read about at your table while you wait for your delicious meal (if a yummy breakfast is any indication) in its dining room. People fresh from the 116 km Bowron Lakes Circuit appear to congregate here after their week-to 10-day long canoe and portage trip around the lakes. This trip is an opportunity to pit yourself against nature and physical challenges as you progress from lake to lake in a small group with guides on a planned trip.

Although there is a decided dearth of shops, particularly grocery shops, there are intriguing and inviting eateries in town, among them a food truck which serves halibut and chips. At the Bear Paw, you can eat outside in the back yard under an umbrella on the rough ground. It is advertised as having delicious food and friendly staff.

Near to where the food truck is parked is Cariboo Joy, a private campground which is just like the town, in that it is small, colourful and adorable. Its owner could also be described with these adjectives. Here, camping spots are squeezed into unlikely nooks and spaces and everything is very handy.

An advantage of Cariboo Joy and the other serviced campground in town is their proximity to the first class historic attraction of Barkerville. This second campground is called Nugget Hill. There are three unserviced campgrounds toward Barkerville as well.

Camping in British Columbia

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