Cloverdale, California Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Dutcher Creek RV Park
  2. Cloverdale KOA Camping Resort
  3. Austin Creek SRA - Bullfrog Pond
  4. Clear Lake State Park
  5. Edgewater Resort and RV Park
  6. River Bend Resort
  7. Northport Trailer Resort
  8. Mirabel Trailer Park and Campground
  9. Salt Point State Park-Woodside
  10. Salt Point State Park
  11. Stillwater Cove Regional Park
  12. Island RV Park
  13. Fort Ross State Historic Park
  14. Casini Ranch Family Campground
  15. Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort
  16. Narrows Lodge Resort
  17. Manor Oaks Overniter
  18. Sonoma Coast State Park - Willow Creek
  19. Sonoma Coast State Park - Pomo Canyon
  20. Gualala River Redwood Park

Colverdale, California

There are a couple of RV parks near Cloverdale.

With a population of about 8,500, Cloverdale is still small enough to be able to maintain a small town feel. Residents are justly proud of their city which is surrounded by natural beauties, as well as many of California's commercial vineyards.

An upgrade to the Northwest Pacific Railway began in 2009 to serve the wine businesses in Sonoma county. Various railway lines, including the North West Pacific, South Francisco, California Northwestern Railway and the Ukiah Railway criss-crossed the region during its development, facilitating the rapid growth of trade and industry during the 1800s. This time, however, the reactions of environmental groups may affect the progress of the project.

The Pomo Indians were the indigenous tribe in this area and the Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California dwell on the reservation near Cloverdale. Exploration began with the Russian fur traders in the late 1700s and soon Fort Ross was established, the name derived from the word ros, a poetic name for Russia. Unfortunately, however, the selection of the Pomo Indians' seasonal home as the building site was a hardship for the native peoples, disrupting their way of life.

Overenthusiastic trapping of the sea otter was a problem along this part of the California coastline and this necessitated the emergence of alternate industries which proliferated thanks to the excellent climate and natural resources of the valley city. The original trading post of Fort Ross still stood, becoming the hub of a network of Russian communities, ports and businesses.

  • rolling hills with oak trees
  • a climate moderated by the ocean, yielding moderate winters and warm summers
  • Cloverdale River Park
  • Furber Park, city park with playground and sports fields
  • River Park, picnic areas and access to river
  • Tarman Park, playground and picnic facilities
  • Lake Sonoma, surrounded by vineyards
  • Cloverdale Historic Murals
  • fish hatchery
  • Cloverdale City Park
  • Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve
  • many wine tours in Sonoma County's Alexander Valley
  • bicycle tours through vineyards
  • Fort Ross State Historic Park
  • many golf courses

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