Fortuna, California Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Riverwalk RV Park and Campground
  2. River's Edge RV Park
  3. Johnny's Marina and RV Park
  4. Redwood Acres Fairgrounds
  5. Shoreline RV Park
  6. Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park
  7. Ancient Redwoods RV Park
  8. Eureka KOA
  9. Redcrest Resort
  10. Humboldt Redwoods State Park - Albee Creek
  11. Mad River Rapids RV Park
  12. Humboldt Redwoods State Park - Burlington
  13. Window White Creek RV Park
  14. Humboldt Redwoods State Park - Hidden Springs
  15. Clam Beach County Park
  16. East Fork Campground - Six Rivers NF
  17. Emerald Forest of Trinidad
  18. Sylvan Harbor RV Park
  19. Boise Creek Campground
  20. Tolkan Campground

Fortuna, California

There is an RV park and campground at Fortuna.

The felicitous setting of Fortuna was a strong influence in its naming from early days. Before settlement, a natural slide between the Eel River and a ridge gave the location its first name (Slide). The presence of the redwoods resulted in the building of a mill by Springville Mill, a company which derived its name because of the natural springs in the area.

After “Slide”, Fortuna was briefly called Springville but its residents petitioned the state legislature for the final name change, citing the beauty of the area and its “fortunate” features as the reasons. The proximity of the redwood forests, the Eel River, its valley and the Pacific Ocean, along with the pleasant Mediterranean climate all contributed to this point of view and still do.

The wood-cutting industry is no longer viable in “Sunny Fortuna”. Now the Redwoods are more of a tourist draw than a source of income. The industries that form the main economic supports are those concerned with city welfare, such as hospitals, schools, the city government, grocery stores and construction companies. There are also many outlets for local craftspeople.

Another of the city’s biggest employers is Eel River Waste Disposal, a company with a conscientious approach to waste disposal, resource recovery and recycling. The Fortuna community participated in Climate Ride, a five-day event with daily rides between Eureka and San Francisco. The objective of this initiative is to highlight the need for personal awareness and effort about energy and climate issues. With such efforts, the beauty and uniqueness of this part of the United States can be preserved.

  • many Redwood parks, such as the Big Tree Area and Bull Creek Flats
  • Founder’s Grove Nature Trail
  • Avenue of the Giants
  • Humboldt Woods State Park
  • festivals throughout all seasons
  • Daffodil Festival in March
  • Art & Wine in the Park Festival in June
  • Rodeo and Auto Xpo in July
  • Hops in Humboldt, with beer tastings, games and music, in August
  • Apple Harvest Festival, October
  • Christmas concerts and parades
  • Civil War Days
  • gift shops and galleries

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