Colorado Springs, Colorado Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Foot of the Rockies RV & Storage
  2. Fountain Creek RV Park
  3. Northwoods Village RV Park
  4. Goldfield RV Park
  5. Garden of the Gods RV Resort
  6. Pikes Peak RV Park
  7. Cheyenne Mountain State Park
  8. Wye Campground
  9. Colorado Springs KOA
  10. Lone Duck Campground
  11. Rocky Top Motel and Campground
  12. Falcon Meadow RV Campground
  13. Thunder Ridge Campground
  14. Meadow Ridge Campground-Pike NF
  15. Big Pines RV Park
  16. Coachlight Motel & RV Park
  17. Woodland RV Park
  18. Crags Campground
  19. Cripple Creek / Colorado Springs W. KOA
  20. Springdale Campground

Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are campgrounds and RV parks in Colorado Springs and more in the surrounding area.

William Jackson Palmer, a civil war general incorporated Colorado Springs in 1872 with a view to making it a high-class resort community, an idea endorsed by his friend and business associate, Dr. William Bell. Bell's English connections provided a source of income for the creation of the community and the railroad that provided access for the American and international visitors seeking the high altitude and sunshine. The nearby Colorado City was a complete contrast to the rather sedate and dignified community which Palmer and Bell envisioned. There were many saloons, and gun fights broke out frequently among the silver and gold miners in the volatile atmosphere.

The Four Continents Figure Skating Competition 2012 was held in Colorado Springs, home to both the United States Figure Skating Association and the United States Olympic Training Center. Besides figure skating, a number of other national sports associations have their headquarters in the city.

The US Military provides the largest percentage of jobs through its army and air force bases which are located on the north, east and south borders of the city. The various installations include training grounds, headquarters for a Special Forces group, headquarters for Air Force Space Command and a center for Army space and Missile Defence Command and Army Strategic Command. As well, the headquarters for United States Northern Command and the master control station for the Global Position System, including the US Naval Observatory Alternate Master Clock which synchronizes the GPS satellite time are located here.

  • Seven Falls
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Colorado Balloon Classic, hot air balloons, on Labour Day weekend
  • Garden of the Gods Visitor Center
  • Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
  • Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
  • Glen Eyrie Castle
  • May Natural History Museum
  • World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame

Camping in Colorado

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