Boulder, Colorado Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Golden Gate Canyon State Park-Aspen Meadow
  2. Kelly Dahl Campground
  3. Golden Gate Canyon State Park-Reverends Ridge
  4. Peaceful Valley Campground
  5. Camp Dick Campground
  6. Countrywood Inn & RV Park
  7. Rainbow Lakes Campground
  8. Pawnee Campground
  9. Dory Hill Campground
  10. Cold Springs Campground-Arapaho & Roosevelt NF
  11. Prospect RV Park
  12. Olive Ridge Campground
  13. St. Vrain State Park
  14. Denver West/Central City KOA
  15. Columbine Campground - Arapaho & Roosevelt NF
  16. Dakota Ridge RV Resort
  17. Chief Hosa Campground
  18. Carter Lake
  19. Rocky Mountain NP-Longs Peak Campground
  20. Hermit Park

Boulder, Colorado

Many of Boulder's citizens enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. This is in part due to the climate. Snowfall is generally low, winters are cool, not cold. Summer days are almost always sunny, and the hot, dry weather is relieved by cool nights, a result of the proximity of the mountains.

Gold was the lure that led to the founding of the settlement that became Boulder, which was part of Nebraska Territory until 1867. Besides the primary industry of mining, with its support businesses, including gambling and drinking establishments, hardware and mining supply stores, a strong agricultural industry began to develop. And the educational history which began with the first school in 1861 and resulted in the opening of the University of Colorado in 1877 was always a strong factor in growth.

The presence of the University of Colorado in Boulder has had a strong influence since the early years. This is the state's largest university and it may account for the city's well-known liberal stance which drew hippies in the '60s. The university was called the Athens of the West, which implies that new ideas and free-thinking ways were embraced. The establishment of the Naropa Institute in 1974 brought eastern ideas into the mix as well. The term People's Republic of Boulder is used by admirers and detractors alike. Whether this is good or bad, the residents of Boulder over the years have expressed consistent satisfaction in the areas of health, well-being, quality of life, education and art.

  • Familiar Landmark - Flatirons of Green Mountains
  • Flatirons Golf Course
  • Boulder Falls
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Apocalypse Skate Park
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Boulder History Museum
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival, August
  • 3 orchestras: Boulder Philharmonic, Boulder Symphony and Boulder Chamber Orchestra
  • Ironman Boulder Triathlon, August
  • Irongirl Spring Triathlon
  • Boulder Creek Winery

Camping in Colorado

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