Knoxville, Iowa Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Marion County Park
  2. Elk Rock State Park
  3. Whitebreast Campground
  4. Howell Station
  5. Wallashuck Campground
  6. Roberts Creek Park
  7. North Overlook
  8. Lake Miami Park
  9. Eveland Access
  10. Pickard Park
  11. Southern Iowa Fairgrounds
  12. Quercus Wilderness Area
  13. Red Haw Lake State Park
  14. Yellow Banks Park
  15. Newton KOA
  16. Lake Ahquabi State Park
  17. Indian Hills Inn & RV Park
  18. Thomas Mitchell Park
  19. Robertson Access
  20. Kellogg RV Park

Knoxville, Iowa

There is a campground available at the nearby county park. Also, there are lots of camping facilities around Red Rock Reservoir just north east of Knoxville.

The history of Knoxville begins in 1845 when town lots went up for sale and the town was named after General Knox in memory of his service in the American Revolution. He was President Abraham Lincoln's war secretary.

Forward-thinking citizens came up with a plan to entice a railroad by proposing to buy shares in the railroad that reached them first. This occurred in 1875, and the winning name was the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Another line quickly followed the next year. A coal mine opened just 8 blocks from the courthouse around the same time and continued operation locally until 1892.

Knoxville's current population is around 7,200. It is reputed to have an excellent school system, abundant farmlands and woodlands surrounding the city site and excellent recreational opportunities. Light manufacturing, agriculture and tourism are the mainstays of the economy.

  • Knoxville Raceway
  • Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Lake Red Rock, largest lake in Iowa
  • Horn's Ferry Bridge
  • Pella Historical Village

Camping in Iowa

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