Des Moines, Iowa Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Walnut Woods State Park
  2. Griff's Valley RV Park & Campground
  3. Adventureland Resort
  4. Yellow Banks Park
  5. Thomas Mitchell Park
  6. Timberline Campground
  7. Jester County Park
  8. Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt
  9. Pickard Park
  10. Lake Ahquabi State Park
  11. Ashton Wildwood Park
  12. Swede Point Recreational Area
  13. Des Moines West KOA
  14. Winterset City Park
  15. Hickory Hills Park
  16. Elk Rock State Park
  17. Hickory Grove Park
  18. Roberts Creek Park
  19. Ledges State Park
  20. Pammel State Park

Des Moines, Iowa

There are plenty of campgrounds and RV parks in the area surrounding Des Moines.

The name Des Moines is derived from the river of the same name, and means of the monks. Some believe that this pertains to the presence of the French Trappist monks who lived in huts in current-day Monks Mound near St. Louis. Or the story that the name came from Moingona which refers to the Algonquan clan may be correct. Or this word might be interpreted as people by the portage which could be taken to refer to the Des Moines Rapids which were the site of the meetings between native peoples and European explorers. There is still dispute about these possibilities.

What is certain is that Des Moines has been the capital of Iowa since 1851 with a current population near to 570,000. Its early history was marked early by the presence of the Des Moines Coal Company which ended when the mine gave out in 1908. Following this, the City Beautiful project began, part of a movement which sought to increase beauty and stimulate civic virtue in those cities where it was undertaken.

An ornate balustrade still visible along the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers was built during this beautification program at the start of the twentieth century. Six of the buildings constructed around the same time remain in the Civic Center Historic District and include the former Public Library of Des Moines (now the home of the World Food Prize organization), the Municipal Building and the U.S. Court House. In addition, there is the Center Street Dam, the West River Front Park, and several other bridges and parks. One of the challenges to construction was planning for the likely flooding of the Raccoon River.

Publicity for Des Moines reaches a high during the Iowa Caucuses which take place during a Presidential election year. These Caucuses have been the first major electoral event in an election year since 1972 and provide early information for predicting who will succeed and who will fail in their bid for election.

  • Science Center of Iowa
  • State Historical Museum
  • Des Moines Botanical Center
  • Better Homes and Gardens Test Gardens
  • Clive Greenbelt Trail
  • Principal Riverwalk
  • Des Moines Art Center
  • East Village, hip neighbourhood
  • Blank Park Zoo
  • Salisbury House and Gardens
  • Capitol Building
  • Waveland Municipal Golf Course
  • Tournament Club of Iowa

Camping in Iowa

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