Steinbach, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Steinbach Campground
  2. Ridgewood South Golf Course and Campground
  3. Camp Bel-Air
  4. Lilac Resort Motel, Campground and Waterslide Park
  5. Geppetto's RV Overnite Camping
  6. Wild Oaks Campground
  7. Rock Garden Campground
  8. Arrowhead RV Park
  9. St. Malo Provincial Park
  10. Debonair Campground
  11. Parc Cartier Park Campground
  12. Town and Country Campground
  13. Conestoga Campsites
  14. Scratching River Campground
  15. Big M Centennial Campground
  16. Roseau Crossing Heritage Park
  17. St. Jean Regional Park
  18. Birds Hill Provincial Park
  19. Northgate Trailer Park
  20. Brokenhead River Park Campground

Steinbach, Manitoba

There is a campground just north west of Steinbach.

A 2009 poll puts the population of Steinbach at about 13,000, making it the 5th largest city in Manitoba and the one with the fastest growth rate. The symbol of the city, a Dutch windmill, was rebuilt after its destruction by arson in 2001. The hard work of the founding peoples established a tradition that set the tone for the ensuing years. Local involvement, local inventiveness and local efforts characterized the centre from the early days and are continuing to make it a fast growing rural producer.

In addition, the moniker the Automobile City was associated with the establishment of the first Ford dealership in Western Canada. J.R. Friesen was the proud Mennonite owner of a Model N, forerunner to the well-known Model T. Although he was excommunicated by the church, which disapproved of business endeavours, he persisted and became the first Ford dealer in Western Canada in 1914. This man was one of the members of the eighteen founding families of Steinbach who built themselves a traditional Mennonite village on the creek in 1874. Steinbach means stone creek.

Due to a large Anabaptist Mennonite component in the city, a liquor prohibition existed until 2003 when it was defeated by an extremely narrow margin, about two percent of the vote. This staunchness is the basis for the Miriam Toews novel, A Complicated Kindness, which apparently draws its satiric inspiration from the manners and mores of the Mennonites of Steinbach.

The Mennonite Heritage Village is a recreation of a village in the 1870s. It is listed as one of Manitoba's Star Attractions, of which there are 40 province-wide, and is a proven attraction to visitors. There are school and daycare programs, events throughout the year, a bookstore, restaurant, a quilters group, the 3 times built Dutch windmill mentioned above and many artefacts and exhibits.

  • Sandilands Provincial Forest
  • Mennonite Heritage Village Museum
  • Quarry Oaks Golf Course

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