Ste. Anne, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

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  2. Schumacher Park
  3. Drayton Recreation Dam Campground
  4. Warroad City Campground
  5. Hager State Park Campground
  6. Bird Lake - Nopiming Provincial Park
  7. Bemis Hill Campground
  8. Hnausa Beach Provincial Park
  9. Crystal City Park Campground
  10. Legion Campground
  11. Hayes Lake State Park
  12. Middle River Community Club Campground
  13. Old Town Campground
  14. Old Mill State Park
  15. Leistikkow Park Campground
  16. Manigotagan Campground
  17. Mantago Bay RV Park and Campground
  18. Minto City Park
  19. Holiday Park
  20. Gull Harbour - Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park

Ste. Anne, Manitoba

There are a number of campgrounds and RV parks in the area surrounding Ste. Anne.

When Ste. Anne-des-Chenes was established in 1856, the first work of the parish farming population was to supply lumber for the construction of St. Boniface Cathedral in Winnipeg and, as a result, logging became everyone's business for a while. Its convenience as a stopover on the Dawson Trail en route to Winnipeg, as well as the stable presence of the Hudson's Bay Company assured the viability of the community of 198 families in its early years.

The full town name (Ste. Anne des Chenes) means Saint Anne of the Oaks and the so-named church which was built in 1897 is located among large oaks. The town’s design which is based on the river lot system, the same survey system used in Lower Canada by the European settlers, designates it as one of the oldest settlements of western Canada. Joseph Senecal, an architect whose work is visible throughout much of southern Manitoba and parts of Alberta, designed the church in the Romanesque style then popular for religious architecture.

The current population of Ste. Anne is around 1500. The town is proudly bilingual, friendly, with a low crime rate, and its economy is based on health care, education and tourism. It also serves as a bedroom community for Winnipeg which is 40 km northwest on highway 1. The winding Seine River which passes through the town is a tributary of the Red River and has been the site of a diversion project due to the high probability of flooding in spring.

  • Ste. Anne Museum
  • Ste. Anne des Chenes Catholic Church
  • 2 golf courses, 5 in municipality
  • Seine River Diversion Project
  • Dawson Trail Days, long weekend in September

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