Swan River, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Benito Municipal Campground
  2. Whitefish Lake Provincial Park
  3. Wellman Lake - Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  4. Wellman Lake Lodge Inc.
  5. Smallfish Lake Campground
  6. Bell Lake Provincial Park
  7. Townsend Lake Campground
  8. Spirit Lake Campground
  9. North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park
  10. Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  11. Isbister Lake Campground
  12. Childs Lake - Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  13. West Blue Lake Campground - Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  14. Singush Lake - Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  15. Parr Hill Lake Campground
  16. Rollly Park
  17. Sturgis and District Regional Park
  18. Sturgis and District Regional Park - Lady Lake Site
  19. Canora Campground
  20. Preeceville Wildlife Campground

Swan River, Manitoba

Camping facilities are available south of Swan River in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

The first permanent settlement in Swan Valley on the site of what is now Swan River came in 1770. At that time, it was a fur trade depot, used by both the Hudson's Bay and the North West Companies, whose birch bark canoes frequented the Swan River. Today, the area is dominated by agriculture and forestry, with hills to the north and south, in contrast to the gently rolling agricultural plain of the Valley floor.

Farming was the first thought of the pioneers who began arriving in the Duck Mountains in 1897. The proposed construction of a line of the Canadian National Railway was announced in 1898 and the town was founded two years later though it was little more than a post office at the time. Swan River was officially incorporated as a town in 1908.

Proud of its past, this city of about 4,000 commemorates that history in the Swan Valley Museum, with displays and a small historical village, including a school, churches, pioneer store, blacksmith shop, picnic area, etc.

  • Swan Valley Museum
  • self-guided historic walking tour
  • Porcupine Mountain Provincial Forest
  • Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  • Northwest Round-up and Exhibition, last weekend in July
  • Harvest Festival in late August

Camping in Manitoba

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