Leaf Rapids, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Churchill River Lodge
  2. Lynn Lake Campground
  3. Burge Lake Provincial Park
  4. Zed Lake Provincial Park
  5. Sherridon Kississing Lake Campground
  6. Lakeview - Paint Lake Provincial Park
  7. Paint Lake - Paint Lake Provincial Park
  8. Wekusko Falls Provincial Park
  9. Sasagiu Rapids Lodge and Campground
  10. Slim's Cabins
  11. Norvil Olson Campground
  12. Reed Lake - Grass River Provincial Park
  13. Iskwasum - Grass River Provincial Park
  14. Flin Flon Tourist Bureau
  15. Tyrrell Lake Campground
  16. Bakers Narrows Provincial Park
  17. Viking Lodge
  18. Gyles - Grass River Provincial Park
  19. Cranberry Portage Park
  20. McKenzie's RV Park and Campground

Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

Copper and zinc were discovered in 1969 by Sherritt Gordon Mines at Ruttan Lake. Leaf Rapids was designed as the first model mining town in northern Canada, and a novel Town Centre complex was developed, enclosed in one building with appropriate climate control. The residential bays radiate outward from this 210,000 sq. ft central site. Outside this comfortable sanctuary is a boreal forest and wilderness area, underlain by the Canadian Shield with outcroppings of Precambrian rock.

Beginning in 2005, the town moved towards a complete ban on plastic bag use. The effort culminated in April 2007. Since that time, other town and city planners have been in touch to learn how the process could be repeated in their communities. Leaf Rapids has the distinction of being the first community in North America to go green in this way. Now there is a cleaned-up environment to go with the clean northern Canadian air.

  • indoor Town Centre with varied shopping, conveniences and services
  • surrounding wilderness offers many recreation opportunities
  • Leaf Rapids Winter Carnival, 10 days in March
  • green community, with low air pollutant index and a ban on the use of plastic bags
  • National Exhibition Centre, locally-offered courses and travelling displays
  • Northern Lights

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