Teulon, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Teulon Rockwood Green Acres Campground
  2. Norris Lake Provincial Park
  3. Summer Estates Campground
  4. Sandy Hook RV Resort
  5. Chesley's Family Resort
  6. Netley Resorts
  7. Stonewall Quarry Park
  8. Idle Wheels Trailer Park
  9. Autumnwood Motel and RV Resort
  10. Willow Springs Campground
  11. Rubber Ducky Resort and Campground
  12. Miami Beach Family Campground
  13. Selkirk Municipal Park
  14. Camp Morton Provincial Park
  15. Stonyridge Seasonal Campgrounds
  16. Sunshine Resort
  17. Northgate Trailer Park
  18. Spruce Sands RV Resort
  19. Birds Hill Provincial Park
  20. Grand Beach Provincial Park

Teulon, Manitoba

A campground is available in Teulon

Located in Manitoba's Interlake Region, Teulon became a town in 1997 and is set in a mixed terrain of pasture, wetland marshes and aspen and poplar forests which is host to many species of birds and other wildlife. The current population is around 1,100.

The honour of selecting the name was given to the village's founder, Charles C. Castle, an official with the Canadian Pacific Railway who used his wife's maiden name. The creation of the village took place around 1919. Castle's main motives for establishing the centre were to create a CP Railway stop and to provide homes and lands for immigrant farmers who appear to have been from the Ukraine or the large (at that time) Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Teulon is still a strong agricultural base in the Interlake Region and many of the services provided in the town are aimed at the agricultural sector. But there are also the restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations a centre usually comes furnished with. There are even several alternative health care providers.

  • Teulon Golf & Country Club
  • Teulon-Rockwood Green Acres Park, a multi-use recreational facility
  • Teulon Museum (at Green Acres Park)
  • fields and marshes for hunting
  • Veselka Ukrainian Dance Festival in May
  • Teulon Agricultural Fair in August
  • Teulon Pumpkin Fest in early October
  • Green Acres Art Centre

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