Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Champagne's RV Park
  2. Riverdale Tourist Camp
  3. Pioneer Bay Campground
  4. Otter Falls - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  5. Nutimik Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  6. Cooks Falls Campground
  7. Whitemouth District Lions Campground
  8. Great Woods Park and Campground
  9. Brokenhead River Park Campground
  10. Opapiskaw - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  11. Betula Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  12. White Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  13. Grand Beach Provincial Park
  14. Big Whiteshell Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  15. Brereton Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  16. Willow Springs Campground
  17. Stony Pine Trailer Park and Campground
  18. Bird Lake - Nopiming Provincial Park
  19. Selkirk Municipal Park
  20. Netley Resorts

Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba

There is an RV park near Lac Du Bonnet and more camping facilities in nearby Whiteshell Provincial Park.

A small community of around 1,000 in eastern Manitoba, on the west shore of the Winnipeg River, Lac du Bonnet is a place rich in culture, heritage and history. The explorer, La Verendrye, decided that the lake (which was the Winnipeg River) reminded him of a bonnet and named the area accordingly. A saw mill, the CNR, mineral and timber speculation, and a brick plant all figure in the town's early history.

The current population is a mixture of the descendants of European settlers from the Ukraine, Poland, and northern Europe, but in the early 1900s the site was mainly populated by French from Quebec and Metis with French and Scottish names.

Waterways and adjacent areas provide many opportunities for recreation, among them golfing, fishing, boating, cottage living and camping, as well as notable birdwatching, with over 300 species to see.

The rural municipality of Lac Du Bonnet, distinct from the town, contains portions of two provincial parks; the Whiteshell, one of Manitoba's best-known parks, as well as the Nopiming.

  • Fire n Water Music Festival
  • Nopiming Provincial Park
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • Old Pinawa Dan Provincial Heritage Park
  • Pinawa Heritage Sundial

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