Gimli, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Tulabi Falls - Nopiming Provincial Park
  2. Ofty's Riverside Campground
  3. White Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  4. Lake St. George Provincial Park
  5. Beresford Lake - Nopiming Provincial Park
  6. Camp Bel-Air
  7. Big Whiteshell Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  8. Watchorn Provincial Park
  9. Brereton Lake - Whiteshell Provincial Park
  10. Narrows West Lodge Campground
  11. Stony Pine Trailer Park and Campground
  12. Pine Tree Campground and Trailer Park
  13. Bambi Gardens Campground
  14. Scratching River Campground
  15. King's Park Campground
  16. Big M Centennial Campground
  17. Debonair Campground
  18. St. Malo Provincial Park
  19. MacGregor Lions Club Campground
  20. St. Jean Regional Park

Gimli, Manitoba

A number of campgrounds and RV parks are available north and south of Gimli on the shore of Lake Winnipeg.

Although a significant part of southern Manitoba was settled by the French, the town of Gimli's roots are Icelandic and a lively acknowledgement of this past history takes place at the Icelandic Festival held on the August long weekend. This ‘Home of the Gods’ (from the old Norse meaning of “gimli”) is located on the west side of Lake Winnipeg and owes much of its allure to this location. The beach is sandy, you can swim, fish, kayak, golf, ramble through unique shops, visit the Icelandic Heritage Museum, view the historic murals and then feed at a local restaurant. Explore nearby Camp Morton Provincial Park with nature trails, historic buildings and a wealth of pelicans. As well, here are at least eight golf courses in the area surrounding Gimli.

  • Icelandic Festival
  • Camp Morton Provincial Park
  • golf courses
  • Narcisse Wildlife Management Area, if you like garter snakes
  • Icelandic Heritage Museum

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