Souris, Manitoba Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Pelican-Sandy Lake Campground
  2. Strawberry Lake Campground
  3. Minnedosa Beach Campground
  4. Lake Upsilon Campground
  5. Hooker Lake Campground
  6. Argyle Centennial Park Campground
  7. Miniota Golf Club and Campground
  8. Gravel Lake
  9. Salt Lake - Carlton Beach
  10. Elkhorn Campground
  11. Carbury Recreation Area
  12. Rock Lake Beach
  13. Marshall Chambers Park
  14. Pierson Campground
  15. Neepawa Lions Riverbend Camping
  16. Heritage Park Campground
  17. Tommy Turtle Park
  18. Log House Campground
  19. Shady Oaks RV Resort and Campground
  20. Lakeview Park

Souris, Manitoba

A campground is available in Souris

Canada's longest single span suspension bridge is a major tourist attraction and has defined Souris since it was begun in 1881. The 582 ft. bridge joined the lots on the east and west sides of the Souris River. Building began on the west side, as a result of an offer by the Canadian government to encourage settlement, then when lots across the river became available, the bridge was a necessity. The idea came from William Henry Sowden, an Ontario businessman, who took up the government's challenge and recruited settlers, eventually founding the town. His name and influence are strong to the present day.

The site of Souris' Victoria Park was originally home to a 300 to 500 year-old oak tree, the only significant piece of vegetation in sight on the plain which became the town. The park now has a bird sanctuary and is home to the town's mascots, a group of native peacocks and peahens who can also be seen on the streets around the park.

Glacier silt has left the Souris area with interesting landforms and rich farming country. Agriculture is the backbone of the local economy, supplemented by the railway business, manufacturing and processing. The glacial action is also responsible for the presence of agate and limestone fossils such as those found at the Souris Rock Shop. And the Opera House built by Squire Sowden in 1892 bequeathed a rich cultural heritage. Famous guests have included Helen Keller, Nellie McClung and Hugh MacDonald (son of Sir John A. MacDonald).

  • swinging single span suspension bridge, Canada's longest
  • Victoria Park with resident peacock population and bird sanctuary
  • Souris Rock Shop and Pit, so you can dig for your own fossils or agates
  • works of local artists in pottery, paintings, candles, etc. also available at the Rock Shop
  • Hillcrest Museum, built by the son of Squire Sowden
  • Opera House, built in 1892 as a gift to the town from Squire Sowden

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