Grand Marais, Minnesota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Grand Marais Municipal Campground
  2. Cascade River State Park
  3. Judge C.R. Magney State Park
  4. Esther Lake Campground
  5. East Bearskin Lake Campground
  6. Devilfish Lake Campground
  7. Golden Eagle Lodge
  8. Flour Lake Campground
  9. Nor'wester Lodge & Canoe Outfitters
  10. Hungry Jack Lodge & Campground
  11. Windigo Lodge
  12. McFarland Lake Campground
  13. Temperance River State Park
  14. Lamb's Resort on Lake Superior
  15. Gunflint Pines Resort & Campgrounds
  16. Grand Portage Lodge & Casino
  17. Crooked Lake Resort
  18. George H Crosby Manitou State Park
  19. Finland Campground
  20. Eckbeck Campground

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Grand Marais is a town that really has it together. The city faces Lake Superior and the constant sights and sounds are a large part of the charm, as well as the range of shops and eateries along the road that borders the lake. The hills provide the residences built on them with a view of the lake and town. Beaches on the cove and the large rocks piled at the water's edge are very picturesque. Gulls can be seen settling on the posts near the water. There is a municipal campground in town. In addition, there are two other campgrounds close by along the coast, Cascade River State Park slightly west, and Judge C.R.Magney State Park, slightly east. Both of these have unserviced sites. For RV campers who prefer hook-ups, Lamb's Resort is a good option.

The North House Folk School is here and among its goals are the fostering of creativity and keeping alive the northern crafts. As practised and honed for centuries by Scandinavian folk, these include carving, boat building, sailing, sustainable living, painting and photography, music and fiber arts, to name a few. Full time, part time and continuing education courses are offered. The flavor of the school reflects the flavor of the area. It seems to be the case that picturesque places inspire people to creativity and that has happened in Grand Marais.

Camping in Minnesota

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