Nevis, Minnesota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Starlight Bay Resort
  2. In-We-Go Resort & Motel
  3. Campers’ Paradise
  4. Knotty Pines Resort
  5. Breezy Pines Cabins
  6. Akeley City Campground & Park
  7. Whippoorwill Resort
  8. Mantrap Lake Campground
  9. Round Bay Resort
  10. Sleeping Fawn Resort
  11. Vagabond Village Campground
  12. Moore Springs Resort
  13. Shell City Landing Campground
  14. Gulch Lake Campground
  15. Breeze Camping & RV Resort
  16. Pine Hollow Resort & Motel
  17. Nies Cabins
  18. Twin Lakes Lodge & Resort
  19. Owl's Nest Motel
  20. Shores of Leech Lake Marina, RV sites & Cottages

Nevis, Minnesota

Nevis is a bright and tidy place with attractive shops and eateries, well-suited to visitors, as well as a long city park which borders the river (lake?). There is a large modern playground in this day use park and a lengthy footpath with well-trimmed grass making for a pleasant walk. A large tiger muskie model (billed as the World's Largest Tiger Muskie) is on display at what appears to be the top end of the park, where the playground is.

Lake Bell Taine has a free public beach and lake access via a boat ramp. There are many other lakes around Nevis within a 5-mile radius and there are at least 5 RV campgrounds within 10 miles of the small city. The population is under 400 but there is action and interest here!

Camping in Minnesota

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