Crosby, Minnesota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Crosby Memorial Park Campground
  2. Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Portsmouth Campground
  3. Mission Beach Resort
  4. Cozy Bay Resort
  5. Hickory Lake Campground
  6. Greer Lake Campground
  7. Ripple River Motel & RV Park
  8. Camp Holiday Resort & Campground
  9. Lum Park
  10. Sullivans Resort & Campground
  11. Highview Camprground & RV Park
  12. Hidden Paradise Resort & RV Park
  13. Galles' Upper Cullen Resort
  14. Cross Lake Recreation Area
  15. Doc's Harbor
  16. Lake Emily Resort
  17. Fritz's Resort & Campground
  18. Fifty Lakes Campground
  19. Gull Lake Dam Recreation Area
  20. North Star Resort

Crosby, Minnesota

The town of Crosby has a fantastic city park on Serpent Lake with several boat launches and a wonderful playground, with a castle motif. A tot playground for kids ages 2-5 years is there also. Both of them were built through the combined efforts of a long list of local contributors. The park is called Crosby Memorial Park and it has a campground.

A statue of a legendary sea monster, Kehnah'bek guards the lake at this park. The place has a small town feel. Quarry lakes in the areas surrounding town are connected by trails. You can explore these regions and then return to town where you have a good selection of restaurants to choose from.


Camping in Minnesota

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